Our technology is both versatile and powerful, proving itself profitable in various different markets. Read on to find out how it can provide value to you as well.

Recruitment insight

Get the decision making firepower you need for hiring the right candidates.

As you’re narrowing down your candidate list, FER provides you with an important first impression. FER-driven personality tests detect if your candidate has the correct set of emotional criteria for the job position, or if her personality is well-suited to a particular team.

How it works:
Some personality profiles are better-suited to some jobs. Extroversion and agreeableness are important to customer service work, conscientiousness and low neuroticism to administrative work, and so on. FER records interviewee’s reactions, determines her prominent qualities and compares those to academic research -based personality profiles in order to gauge candidate suitability.

Audience testing

Gain crucial information on how your audience feels about your commercials, movies or presentations.

FER catches viewers’ reactions and compiles them into actionable data, allowing you to make evidence-based, pinpointed changes to your content. With FER you can direct your production resources to where they matter.

How it works:
FER detects viewers’ reactions to your content on second-to-second basis, builds a visual representation of the data and highlights most prominent emotions exhibited during viewing. Ideal for split testing content during production.

Customer satisfaction analysis

Maintain good insights on your customers’ feelings.

Most of your customers won’t push a smiley button or leave a review to reveal their sentiment about your services. However, by having FER emotion detection in your business location, you’ll always know whether you’re making your customers happy and whether some elements of your service need improvements.

How it works:
FER integrated to your store’s camera system detects your customers reactions while they’re being serviced in your store. Your customers’ anonymity is preserved while their reactions and emotional feedback is recorded and summarized to show levels of satisfaction during different hours and employee shifts or in different sections in your store.

Possibilities for Facial Expression Recognition are nearly endless.

We’re also developing solutions for robotics, social media, mental health, security and gaming, to name a few. Let us take your business to next level.