Our core technologies can bring the emotional intelligence into your products and services, increasing the value many times over.

We create affective computing systems that can recognize people’s emotions and moods from photos, videos, and live streams. Our software is able to extract immediate user feedback, support conversational or therapeutic user interfaces, and gather valuable data from customers.

Recognizing facial emotions and microexpressions with a state of the art deep learning system has numerous potential applications, ranging from entertainment optimization, recruitment decisions and media impact analysis to customer feedback, gaming, security and dating.

Our current focus is in two of most valuable of affective computing: Facial Emotion Recognition (FER) and Microexpression Recognition (MER).

One aspect of Sentido family makes it stand out, which is its exceptional team of people. Together we form a committed and focused force shaping a profitable future. At the moment of writing we stand at 13 talented team members, and growing fast. You can check who’s who on our Team page.

As the CTO of Sentido Emotions Tech Ltd. I am privileged to be a part of the innovative force making all this happen.

– Tero Keski-Valkama, CTO of Sentido Emotions Tech Ltd.